2018 Commitment: Update w/ OKR

Wow, with 2 months to go in 2018, I am nowhere near my stated new year’s goals. This has been the busiest year of my life… In addition to getting married in August (a huge time commitment!), I traveled to 17 cities for business, pleasure, and weddings (five total; one of which I was a groomsman). I am disappointed I did not come close to my 2018 stated goals but, looking back, the year has been productive!

Work projects have increased and provide daily challenges. This year, I have worked on Blue Button integration, an Angular project fork, a webapp rewrite in React (from a ColdFusion/PHP stack), and learned & launched applications with new-to-me technologies, Redis and TigerConnect. Frankly, the “9 to 5” work has been demanding enough to satisfy my learning hunger at night & on the weekends. Outside of the daily grind, I released a “live scoring” feature for my college football pick-em app, and won a hackathon

Recently, I have been reading a very interesting book, Measure What Matters by John Doerr. The theories & practices put forth by Doerr enable rapid growth and exceeded expectations. I feel I am a third (eh, maybe half) of the way there… I set the goals, but a yearly timeframe is too long. I set deliverables, but typically very large ones (like release v 1.0 of app!). So, taking Measure What Matters to heart, I am revising my goals into 2 month chunks, and looking to map out the next 6-8 months.

Ostinato Rigore!