Luke Kedziora is an application developer in the health care industry, an avid consumer of fantastic ideas, stories, & news, the 2015-16, 2016-2017, & 2017-2018 SPECTRUM fantasy hockey champion (yes, back-to-back-to-back!), basketball enthusiast, and aspiring pianist.





A colleague of mine recently explained his 3-point matrix for considering a new dev hire: an interesting personal/side project, a tech blog, and… I totally forget the third item.

With this lapse in mind, and as a fan of Kaizen, this web log is born.  Fairly often, I find myself forgetting or being unable to recall a particular CLI or Git command, a solution to a error message I know I’ve seen before, or wondering… how did I configure this?

No more. This Tech Retrospect will serve as an online repository of error msgs/solutions, code refactors, configurations, tips & tricks, project updates, sql schemas, code challenges, stacks, etc… basically anything future-Luke will thank present-Luke for writing down!

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